Wealth Affirmations

Find the best, most effective wealth affirmations that will make you wealthy inside out. I designed these techniques using hypnotic language patterns and their effectiveness has been tested and proven. Build a more wealthy mind.

These wealth affirmations work and will increase my wealth, no matter whether I believe in it or not. In order to make them work, it is not necessary to believe them – it is just necessary to focus intensely on their meaning and be in a state of higher concentration when reciting them.

Wealth comes to me naturally, easily, effortlessly.

With every breath I take, I attract abundance.

I feel prosperous.

I am surrounded by an energy of wealth and prosperity.

I deserve wealth.

I earn wealth.

I am worthy of wealth, prosperity and abundance.

I create the circumstances in my life that will attract wealth.

I attract wealth in the same effortless and natural way that flowers attract bees and butterflies.

Wealth and prosperity are good states of being, and I enjoy them because it feels good to be wealthy.

I attract and deserve wealth because I will put it to good use.

Every night when I go to sleep, I reach a higher level of wealth vibrations.

Every morning I get up, I am filled with positive energy that I invest into positive actions that lead to abundance and prosperity.

I am grateful for the material things I posses and happy about the material abundance that is entering my life in the future.

I look forward to becoming a more wealthy human being, full of joy and positive energy.

Wealth is good, because it enables me to leverage my positive intentions and reach my goals faster.

I love wealth.

I love abundance.

I love prosperity.

I can close my eyes and swim in a money bin like Scrooge McDuck in Duckburg.

I let go of feeling guilty about having more money than others and replace the feeling of guiltiness with a feeling of mature generous joy.

I understand that wealth is not about being greedy or loving money – wealth is about living life to it’s fullest and being able to make choices.

I allow my financial fears and scarcity scares to leave my body and free up my internal channels to reconnect with the powerful streams of abundance that are everywhere in the universe.

Wealth is a source of joy.

Good people deserve wealth. I am good.

Every time I blink, my subconscious mind eliminates one negative thought or believe about money, every time I open my eyes again it puts a positive thought or believe about wealth into my mind.

I understand that wealth is a process of accumulation and sharing. For many years society blamed Bill Gates of being greedy, but they did not understand that he accumulated so much wealth simply to be able to do greater good in the end.

The more wealth I accumulate, the more skilled and wise I will become in deciding how to put my wealth to good use.

All my past money experiences served the purpose of helping me to gain a better understand of the psychology of wealth and abundance.

My mind manifests money.

Absolute abundance is ecstasy.

The more wealth I attract, the better an example I can be for others to become wealthy, happy, helpful human beings too and have a positive impact on their communities and the world at large.

Money is a shared illusion that has no intrinsic value other than the value that we falsely attach to it – for those who truly understand this at it’s deepest level, it is easy to attract money, because they are not attached to the money itself, but simply see it as a means to an end. I understand the nature of money.

Nature in it’s original state is full of abundance. I am a product of nature, I am a part of nature – my natural state is abundance.

Whether I want to become wealthy for the right reasons or not, when wealth arrives, it will change me in ways that make sure that I handle and use it wisely.

Wealth is a possibility to focus the energies of large groups of people onto positive goals.

Wealth can be used as a means to unite people and give them better lifes.

I understand that wealth alone doesn’t bring happiness – using wealth wisely does.

The creative powers of my subconscious mind make me do things that lead to wealth and prosperity.

I deserve wealth because in my hands it will be used for better things than in the hands of other people.

I am wealth-wise.

I deserve to feel good.

I deserve power.

I am worthy of power and prosperity.

Wealth is beautiful.

Please share your favorite wealth affirmations in the comments section below. Remember, sharing attracts wealth.

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Helen September 10, 2012 at 05:02

I am telling meyslf that everything is right in the world right now. I am at peace and there is harmony in my home. I have faith in my inner guidance and know that it will not steer me wrong.

Ronald Watkins September 11, 2012 at 12:55

Hi Helen,
thanks for sharing that beautiful affirmation with us :-)